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      Madison Inc - Web Redesign @ Springbox Digital Partners

      Madison Industries is one of the largest and most successful privately held companies in the world. The company has fostered and built exceptional companies that are essential to the collective health and well-being of a number of communities in Chicago. Their platform is designed to empower companies whose products make our lives better today and build them into the market leaders of tomorrow.

      In early 2017 Madison Inc Approached Springbox Digital Partners looking for help with their site as well as a number of other companies part of The Filtration Group umbrella that needed revamping. Their number one objective was to provide the Madison Inc brand with a solid popint of contact for Filtration Group clients to learn more about the company.

      The internal marketing team at Madison Inc as well as their CTO collaborated with Springbox Digital Partners in the creation of detailed wireframes, mockup development and asset creation for the new site.

      The project was completed within the timeline and budget allocated.

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