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      3 Day Startup

      3 Day Startup (“3DS”) creates opportunity and builds community through entrepreneurship education that is dynamic and inclusive. Our in-person, hybrid and virtual programs build the knowledge, skill, and entrepreneurial mindsets necessary for students to start new ventures and thrive in entrepreneurial careers


      My involvement with 3DS goes back to mid 2014, I was a junior in College and had heard about the organization through an Entrepreneurship class at the Mccombs School of Business. I decided to sign up without high expectations and submitted my application. Over the next 3 days this event managed to completely redefine not only how I thought about business, technology and education, but it forced me to redefine my entire career outlook. The concepts that the event covered, the people that carried out the event and the ecosystem as a whole was so vibrant and full of energy I never turned back. Since that event I've stayed connected with the organization as a facilitator, and have travelled all over the United States facilitating the same workshop for 10+ Colleges including UT Austin, Texas State, Texas A&M, Lipscomb University, USMA among many others.

      3DS Now

      3 Day Startup programs provide participants with the entrepreneurial skills and mindset necessary to launch a business, to be competitive for the future of work, and to thrive in a global economy. 

      As an embassador of 3DS I've had the opportunity to help students from many backgrounds and career paths and I consider it to be one of the most rewarding activities I do. The oranization itself has served over 16000 students in over 48 countries and supported the creation of over 144 companies that have raised over 240 million dollars.

      Every facilitator plays a crucial part in the program, every participant brings its own abilities and challenges and its the ability to work together and create that makes this organization so special.

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