Jorge Alejandro Diez (Call me Ale)

      Verizon +Play

      In managing cross-functional teams to deliver projects, one significant example from my career was leading the "+Play" project at Verizon. After significant research into Google and Adobe analytics business leaders identified an opportunity to capitalize on a number of streaming promotions by bringing them all under one experience.


      This initiative aimed to introduce a new platform that allowed users to manage their subscriptions to various digital services under one roof, requiring close coordination between software development, marketing, legal, and customer service teams.

      The project's complexity was heightened by the need to integrate multiple third-party services, each with its own set of technical and contractual requirements. To navigate this, I established a project governance structure that included representatives from all key stakeholders. We held bi-weekly steering committee meetings to review progress, address challenges, and adjust priorities as necessary.

      One of the critical success factors was aligning the technical aspects of the project with business objectives and user experience goals. This involved not just managing the project's technical delivery but also ensuring that the marketing and customer service teams were prepared to support the product at launch. To achieve this, we developed a comprehensive go-to-market plan in parallel with the product development, which included training sessions for customer service representatives and marketing campaigns to build user awareness.

      The successful launch of +Play was a testament to the effectiveness of cross-functional team management. It highlighted my ability to lead diverse teams, aligning them towards a common goal and navigating the complexities of integrating multiple third-party services. This experience has equipped me with the skills and insights to manage similar complex, cross-functional projects, such as those I would encounter in enhancing the App Store Connect platform at Apple

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