Jorge Alejandro Diez (Call me Ale)

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      At T-Mobile, as a Technical Project Manager, I led the design and development of two CMS platforms that significantly increased organic traffic by 1,000,000 visits within the first six months of launch.

      The development of "Dialed In" and "The Signal," two pioneering content management systems (CMS) at T-Mobile, was initiated to strategically enhance our SEO capabilities and user engagement by targeting high-volume, unbranded keywords. The scoping phase for these projects was critical, involving extensive keyword research and competitive analysis to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for traction in non-branded search spaces. Our objective was clear: to develop robust platforms that could deliver compelling content, thereby attracting organic traffic and consolidating the user journey toward the T-Mobile site. During this phase, stakeholder meetings were held to align on goals, define success metrics, and ensure that the project's scope met both current and future marketing and technical needs.

      The development phase of "Dialed In" and "The Signal" involved multiple teams across the organization. The technical team, consisting of software developers, UX/UI designers, and system architects, worked collaboratively to create a flexible and scalable CMS architecture. This architecture was designed to support a vast amount of content and sophisticated backend integrations that allowed for real-time SEO performance tracking and content optimization. Meanwhile, the content team focused on creating high-quality, engaging articles and multimedia content that aligned with the identified unbranded keywords. Rigorous testing phases were conducted to ensure that both platforms were user-friendly and fully optimized for search engines, providing seamless experiences for content creators and end users alike.

      The launch of these CMS platforms was meticulously planned to coincide with a series of digital marketing campaigns aimed at maximizing initial exposure and traffic. Prior to going live, a beta version of each platform was released to a select group of users to gather feedback and make necessary adjustments, ensuring stability and performance were up to par. Upon launch, "Dialed In" and "The Signal" were supported by targeted email marketing, social media announcements, and partnership activations to drive traffic to the platforms. This multi-channel promotion strategy was vital in building initial momentum and visibility in search engine results.

      Post-launch, the impact of "Dialed In" and "The Signal" was significant, with both platforms contributing to a substantial increase in organic traffic and improving the overall efficiency of T-Mobile's online marketing efforts. The strategic focus on unbranded keywords allowed us to capture new audience segments and funnel them effectively through the user journey, enhancing conversion rates and bolstering T-Mobile’s position in the market. Continuous monitoring and optimization have been key in maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of both CMS platforms, ensuring they adapt to changing search trends and user behaviors. This ongoing effort underscores T-Mobile's commitment to innovation and excellence in digital marketing, setting a benchmark for future projects within the company.

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