Jorge Alejandro Diez (Call me Ale)

      Nestle Waters - Web Redesign @ Springbox

      At Springbox Digital Partners I had the opportunity to work on the web redesign of four Nestle Waters North America brands, including Arrowhead, Zephyrhills, Polandsprings, and Ozarka.


      The rebranding mainly focused on the front-end keeping their existing CMS intact while introducing responsive design to the sites. I collaborated with Will Matos, the team lead for the project and with the desgin and analytics team to carefully monitor the results before and after the redesign.

      In principle the redesign increased conversions to the Ready Fresh distribution and delivery portal by almost 20% in the first year, which in the grand scheme could have meant hundreds of thousands of dollars in increased orders.

      The technologies we used for the redesign included Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, SCSS and also using dependency managers like Gulp, Grunt, and Docker container technology for local development.



      Poland Springs


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