Jorge Alejandro Diez (Call me Ale)

      Mexico City - Luts and Transitions

      July 18, 2021

      Creating video is fairly similar to building websites, both require you to have a plan of action, both require you to have an end goal but more importantly both require a framework of production.

      The framework for building a website can include the language that you are planning on using for the site, the libraries and extensions that you want to import, even the platform that you are planning on hosting the site plays a role in the end product.

      As I've started getting more confortable creating video I've also started to create my own framework for improving the quality of the end product. Video production much like web development has it's own universe of tools, extensions, plugins and overall helpers that will make your videos stand out from the crowd.

      For my first Tulum video I only went as far as trimming the footage that I had taken and making sure that the shot arrangement made sense visually as well as with the music in the background

      This time I started playing around with Color Grading to highlight the colors of the shots and Transitions to smooth out the change from shot to shot.

      I'll create another video soon going into detail about the tools I used and how to do it.

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