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      Frida Kahlo - Bounce Rates

      June 21, 2021

      Frida Kahlo and Bounce Rates

      The "Frida Kahlo" search term gets an estimated 300K searches per month, with the top 3 results on google being the website, her Wikipedia page, and profiles.

      The site is particularly interesting to me because it gets around 25% of the total traffic (60K unique visitors per month) but its bounce rates are around 75%, meaning that the site homepage is failing at keeping visitors interested and exploring beyond the homepage.

      Bounce rates are calculated by dividing the total number of one-page visits by the total number of entries to a website. If the homepage of a website receives 100 visitors over the course of a month, and 50 of those visitors leave the site after viewing the homepage the bounce rate is 50%.

      The reason this is important is that if you don't generate interest in your visitors as soon as they enter your website they will not explore what you have to offer in more detail.

      This site, in particular, is missing a clear structure, it's clearly outdated and their sitemap is overwhelming. There is so much room for improvement, I'm literally reaching out to them to see if they would be interested in a pro-bono redesign.

      You can have all of the traffic in the world, but without a great User Experience and a clear Content Structure, you'll leave your visitors confused and uninterested.

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